RIA in brief

Rakennusinsinöörit ja -arkkitehdit RIA ry is a registered association of construction engineers and architects.

The members of RIA are typically officers in the construction industry who have graduated from universities of applied sciences or technical educational institutions.

The task of the association is to take care of the development of the professional readiness of its members, as well as the labor market and collective agreement activities of the membership. It also improves the job opportunities and working conditions of its members.

In addition, the purpose of the association is to promote building and community planning and technology together with nurturing the related cultural traditions.

RIA organizes many types of trainings and briefings about current issues, such as changes in the construction law, new ways of operation and digital tools. It also offers varied value-for-money benefits to its members: insurances, legal aid both at work and in private life, discounts, possibility to join to the unemployment fund, etc.

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